ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Information Training

TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
Published on September 1, 2005, the ISO 22000 food safety management network is an international standard set up to prepare a reliable food production network around the world.
It is based on the ability to observe all aspects of safety food at all levels of contact with suppliers, legal authorities, consumers, users and related detachants.
The standard defines requirements on behalf of a food safety management system that makes all the factors that are generally accepted as key elements that follow up to form food safety until the end of the food chain.

These requirements include;

 2. Traceability
 3. System management
4. Hazard examination
5. HACCP coordination
6. Pre-requisites
 7. Operational pre-requisite programs

TS EN ISO 22000 Training Content
1.ISO 22000 document structure, document types, definitions and qualifications
2. Forms
3. Coordination of ISO 22000 documents, bringing documents to the fair
4. Instructions
5. Documentation of pre-requisites
6. ISO 22000 basic terms and definitions
7. Procedures
8. Risk analysis, CCP determination and approval with decision tree, CP determination
9. Specifications.
10. Food Safety Handbook
11. Verification, validation and development of the system
12. Control coordination
13. OGP, OOGP, HACCP coordination and other documents
14. ISO 22000 document statutes
15. Processing of ISO 22000 standard substances
16. Making HACCP coordination into a document
17. Creation of product descriptions
18. Records and forms to be kept in ISO 22000
19. Documentation of operational pre-requisites
20. ISO 22000 document hierarchy
21. Handling of raw material specifications
22. Sample exercises and exercises
23. Process definitions, maps, flow of data
24. Organization and job descriptions
25. Identification, analysis and documentation of potential hazards
26. Documentation of emergencies
27. Fulfillment of traceability network and necessary documents
28. ISO 22000 document review, document preparation, analysis and record keeping methods

TS EN ISO 22000 Documentation and Documentation Training
The duration of the ISO 22000 training is 2 days. This period of time for ISO 22000 training may vary according to the number of people attending the training.

Who can participate in TS EN ISO 22000 Training?
Participants who want to be informed about ISO 22000 document and documentation training, auditor candidates, consultants, food, microbiology, agriculture, genetic engineers, fisheries physicians, agriculture, biology, veterinarians, food safety and food safety network to individuals.

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