BRC 9 General Information Training

What is BRC?
BRC (British Retail Consortium); It is a British commercial entity representing retail trade in the UK, first published in 1998 by the British Retailer Association (BRC) as the BRC Food Technical Standard.

After the 1998 revision, the revision was published 9 times on 2022. The main objective of the BRC is to create a framework that encompasses internationally recognized food safety standards and to help develop food safety.
In terms of form and content, the BRC standard is designed to give an idea of the food manufacturers' working systems. The BRC Standard, in particular; Stipulates the implementation of a documented and effective quality management system and the effective control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.

Additionally, in 2017 training program was revised and became BRC Food issue 9.

Purpose of BRC Training:
The BRC (Britsis Retail Consortium) Standard, in its new name, GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY - describes the requirements for the application of GLOBAL STANDARD (ISSUE 9) in food businesses for food safety.

BRC Training Content:

• What is BRC?
• BRC overview
• Terms and definitions
• HACCP system
• HACCP plan
• The content of the BRC technical standard
• BRC registration and documentation system
• Factory infrastructure standards
• Process control
 • Product / Process / Personnel control
• Documentation requirements
• Application studies

BRC Training Period:
The period for BRC Training is 2 days by our company. The time for BRC Training may vary depending on the number of BRC Trainers.
Who Can Participate in BRC Training:

BRC Education; Who are interested in establishing BRC systems in the firm they are working in, want to improve the current food safety management system and transition to the BRC, who want to understand and develop the role within this system and to receive basic information to become a BRC Inspector.

Instructor: A & T Academy Trainer

For more information:

phone: 0 212 437 08 71