Food Safety and Hygiene Training

Food Safety and Hygiene Training
The application of hygiene and sanitation rules for a food business is an indispensable condition. The aim of the training is to apply these rules and thus to meet the legal requirements for the products produced, to obtain products that will provide food safety, customer satisfaction and continuity and to create healthy working environments.

Training Content:
•    Food hygiene concepts
•    The truth of the food
•    Requirements for food hygiene, legislation and standards
•    Factors affecting food safety
•    Food safety hazards and methods of control
•    microorganisms
•    What do microorganisms need to reproduce?
•    Deterioration and shelf life, critical limits
•    Poisoning
•    Physical hazards
•    Chemical hazards
•    Cleaning and sanitation in the food industry
•    Cross contamination
•    Staff
•    Pest Control - Pest Control
•    Points to note in the processing and preservation of food
•    Hygienic design - Basic concepts
•    How hygienic design should be for food production and consumption

Food Safety and Hygiene Training Period:
The estimated time for Food Safety and Hygiene Training is 2 days by our company. The time foreseen for Food Safety and Hygiene Education may vary according to the number of people receiving education.

Who Can Participate in Food Safety and Hygiene Training:
All participants who are interested in developing themselves on food hygiene and those who are interested in the food hygiene can participate in this training, from primary food production to packaging, storage and transportation to the employees and managers of all stages, food engineers, veterinarians, agricultural engineers, fishery engineers, chemical engineers and food technicians.

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