TS EN ISO 17025 Quality Management Systems Training

ISO 17025 Training
The ISO 17025 standard provides requirements for the assessment and reporting of measurement uncertainty.
These requirements vary depending on the characteristics of the technical field concerned and the measurement being made on the basis of the calibration or test.
Testing and calibration laboratories must meet these requirements to demonstrate that they work according to a quality system, technically competent for the work they are doing and give valid results.
In calibration laboratories, the uncertainty of the reference devices used in the calibration process, the national or international standards used should be determined. In test laboratories, measurement uncertainty must be determined for each parameter studied.

ISO 17025 Training Content:
The place of ISO 17025 in Quality Management Systems
Laboratory accreditation process according to ISO 17025
Explanation of substance of ISO 17025 standard (by examples)
Terms of Management
Technical Terms

ISO 17025 Training Period:
The period foreseen by our company for ISO 17025 training is 2 days. This period for ISO 17025 training may vary according to the number of people receiving ISO 17025 training.

Who Can Participate in ISO 17025 Training:
ISO 17025 system can be obtained by all organizations, individuals and ISO 17025 consultants who wish to obtain ISO 17025 certification in their companies.
At the same time, it can also be used to acquire information about ISO 17025 for newly hired employees or to periodically consolidate the knowledge and skills of existing employees.

Trainer: A&T Academy Trainer / Chief Auditor

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