GMP Training


Good manufacturing practices (GMP) contain protective measures for internal and external conditions relevant to the business to reduce or eliminate the possibility of contamination from internal and external factors. GMP requirements are based on quality approach in production.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a system of all stages of pre-processing, raw material, production, product development, packaging, storage and distribution application processes to minimize and prevent contamination, confusion and errors in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

GMP Training Content
1. GMP staff
2. GMP quality operations
3. GMP cleaning
4. GMP quality management
5. What is GMP?
6. GMP production
7. History of GMP
8. GMP equipment and facilities
9. GMP objectives and philosophy
10. The basis documentation of GMP
11. Assessment of GMP departments
12. GMP Terms, concepts and definitions
13. Necessary to apply GMP
14. Good manufacturing practices in GMP food enterprises
15. GMP's place in the quality networks and its fields of activity

GMP Training Period:
1 Day

Who Can Participate in GMP Training in Food Enterprises?
GMP Training is a program that aims to establish GMP with food engineers, veterinarians, agricultural engineers, aquatic engineers, chemical engineers, food technicians and / or food safety personnel in the food chain of all stages from food stuff production to packaging, storage and transportation. It is aimed at the participants who want to get information about the effects on the Management System.

Instructor: A & T Academy Trainer

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